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Site map of Site Monitoring in west China,
starting in 2007 to the present.
Gar (5036m) and ZoZo Hill(4619m),
possibly better sites in Ali area, Tibet
Comparison of Clear Sky Ratio at Karasu, Oma, Gar/Ali in Tibet, OAO (Japan), Subaru Telescope/Hawaii Haleakala/Maui/Hawaii, and Chajnantor/Chile
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    When avilability on usage of telescope is limited under wind speed less than 14m/sec, the ratio of ClearSky is down to nearly the same level at OAO (Okayama, Japan), terribly!
Weather monitoring at Oma during Jan 2009 to Jun 2009.
Weather monitoring at Gar during Jan 2013 to Jun 2013.
Vertical Wind Speed Profile, simulated w/WRF at Gar and ZoZo Hill
Vertical Wind Speed profiles around midnight are shown at site locations A1, B1 at Gar. and ZoZo Hill added with high peaks #1 and #2 near ZoZo Hill.
Wind speed profiles around midnight in Jan,2010, in which high speeds are shown in upper atmosphere layers.

[Weather Simulation in west Tibet using WRF and JMA-NHM]
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[ Site Monitoring Instruments ] (clik Here for details )
Instruments name [1] IR Cloud Monitor Camera Structure made at ATC/NAOJ mid-IR Camera: FLIR-A40M Ge window (Topcon) [2] CT2 sensors
sensors/controllers, made by Mikami-san/NAOJ
DMM: Keithley KE2700
[3] Weather station
Vaisala PTB210
[4] Dust Counter
[5] Barometer
Vaisala WXT510
[6] Temperature /Humidity Sensors
made by T. Sasaki
Gar ×
Oma ×
Karasu X X
Control Software CloudMon ContCT2Dlg WeatherMonitor DustCounter ContCT2Dlg GetTempRH
Satellite Weather Monitoring
    Using weather satellite weather data archives, animation of cloud distribution over the west China is composed, where includes Maidanak(Uzbekistan), Hanle(India), Lulin(Taiwan), and OAO(Japan), by clicking HERE

TMT Site monitoring in Hawaii, South America
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    Photos of TMT Site Monitor Tower/Instruments at Mauna Kea, taken on Sep.03, 2006.

Our Visit into west China
2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2004
Jun May Dec Mar Nov Sep Dec Oct Nov Jul Oct May/June March TibetWS
Gar Gar Gar WS@Beijing Oma, Gar Oma, Gar Oma, Gar Oma, Ali Oma, Karasu, Kunming Karasu, Khotan Karasu Karasu, northern Xinjiang Karasu TibetWS@Lhasa
Sasaki, Kaifu, Utsumi Sasaki, Mikami, Ohshima Sasaki Sasaki, Yoshida, Sekiguchi, Kaifu, Doi Sasaki, Mikami Sasaki, Ohshima, Yoshida, Nagayama Sasaki, Ohshima Sasaki, Mikami Sasaki, Ohshima Sasaki, Yoshida Sasaki, Mikami, Ohshima Sasaki, Yoshida Sasaki, Yoshida, Takato, Ohshima, Tokoku, Nagayama Sasaki, Yoshida, Takato, Miyashita, Uraguchi

Business Documents (Open and Private)
  • Export Permission of FLIR A40M MIR Camera
  • MoU Between NAOC and NAOJ, signed on March 09, 2009
  • MoU Between NAOC and NAOJ, signed on March 09, 2006

ASJ_2014 Presentation (Open and Private)
  • Astronomical Society of Japan meeting held at Yamagata-U (Sep 11-13, 2014)
  • APRIM 2014, Daejeon, Korea (Aug 19-22, 2014)
  • Astronomical Society of Japan meeting held at ICU, Mitaka (Mar 19-22, 2014)
  • EAMA9 conference at Taiwan, 2013
  • Medium-size Telescope Science Workshop Kunming, 2013
  • Kyoto 3.8 m Telescope WS ( NAOJ, Mar. 2013 )
  • Site Survey WS, Beijing 2012
  • 11th Asian-Pacific Regional International Astronomical Union Meeting 2011, Chiang Mai, Thailand, July 26, 2011 - July 29, 2011
  • and more ...

Weather monitoring
at Gar A1 and B4c ( to show enlarged image HERE, but protected )
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