Tibet Site Survey in May/June, 2007 around Tibet, Xinjiang/Uyghur

Date: May 19, 2007 - June 15, 2007
Japanese Participants: T. Sasaki(Subaru/NAOJ), M. Yoshida(OAO/NAOJ)
Chinese Paritcipants : Y. Yao, J. Wan, L. Liu, J. Wan, Z. Ma, Y. Zhou, ...

date schedule hotel Notes ppt file
May 19 Sasaki arrive at Beijing k k
( 132MB )

( 67MB )
May 20 Sasaki, Wan go to Lhasa fF
Dr.Yoshida arrive at Lhasa
fF | close to Potala Palace
May 21 visit Lhasa Univ. fF
May 22 leave Lhasa toward Shiquanhe
pass Xigaze \, Sangsang KK, arrive Saga F
May 23 leave Saga to Hor
wait for entrance permit at boundary
Hor FlatTire-1
May 24 leave Hor, pass by Mt. Kairasu, arrive Shiquanhe
May 25 stay in Shiquanhe
May 25 stay in Shiquanhe Tibetan folk dance show
May 26 leave to Oma t FlatTire-2
May 27 Oma North, back to
May 28 stay in
May 29 visit proposed site Rabang M Rutog y
May 30 leave y, pass Yecheng t, arrive Kashi \Y at 6am next day \Y broke rear window glass
trapped by police
May 31 stay in \Y \Y
( 93MB )
June 1 stay in \Y \Y Bazaar in Kashi
June 2 visit Wuqia E` for proposed two sites
Dr.Yoshida left Kashi
June 3 stay in \Y \Y
June 4 visit Karasu, down to Taxkorgan YɎ Clean up CloudMon#1 with water
June 5 visit Karasu, down to Tashqurqan YɎ Clean up CloudMon#1 with Alcohol
June 6 visit Karasu, back to Kashi \Y setup CloudMon software
June 7 start site survey tour in Northern Xinjiang Korla Ɏ
( 110MB )
June 8 goto Urumqi GDؐ
visit Radio station for 21cm HI in early universe
June 9 leave GDؐ, cannot access to candidate site#1, go to Tekes z(ePX)ET Tokasu T
June 10 visit candidate site#2, pass Yining ɔJ to Karamay f f
June 11 leave Karamay f, watch candidate sire#3 to Burqin z u` z
June 12 leave z, visit lake Kanas \[z, to Altay ӑ׎s ӑ׎s FlatTire-3
June 13 leave Altay ӑ׎s to Urumqi GDؐ GDؐ trapped x 2
June 14 fly back to Beijing k k Urumqi
June 15 back to Narita, Japan
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