Short Summary on Tibet Site Survey
Version: 2014-02-07/TS

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A list of Short Summary
on 2014-02-04/TS
Short Summary West Tibet related to
Global Astronomical Sites
Telescopes in Asian region
a list of Contents of Short Summary on 2014-02-07/TS a Short Summary on 2014-02-07/TS 01_GlobalSites_WestTibet.jpg 011_GlobalSites_TelescopeImages.jpg
Tour Map in west China Map of Ali area
(Google Earth)
detailed Map of Ali area
(Google Earth)
Photo of Gar Summit
taken from air plane
021_Map_ChinaWestTour2007_3.gif 022_Map_GoogleEarth_AliArea_Tibet.jpg 023_Map_GoogleEarth_AliArea_Tibet_ZoZoSha-empty.jpg 032_Photo_Ali_Summit20121021.jpg
Photo at Ali Airport Photo on Gar site
and Shiquanhe behind
Close-up of Gar Site Photo on Gar 10m Dome
installed w/ NAOJ instruments
033_Photo_Ali_Airport_DSC01352.JPG 034_Photo_Gar_Shiquanhe_IMG_2311.JPG 035_Photot_Gar2013_IMG_2341.JPG 036_Photo_Gar_Dome_DSC01408_R.jpg
Schematic instrumentation
on Site Survey
Photo on Cloud Monitor
and Weather Station
at Gar
Sky images taken w/
Cloud Monitor
at Gar
Hourly Sky clearness
at Gar
in Dec, 2011
04_Schematic_SiteSurvey_SNODAR.jpg 050_Photo_GarCloudMonitor_WeatherStation.jpg 051_Gar_CloudMonitor_Images.jpg 051_GarSiteDataSummary_FairSky_2011Dec.jpg
Clear Sky Ratio
at Gar, Oma, Karasu,
Subaru, Haleakala,
Chajnantor(Chile), Okayama(OAO)
Wind Speed Comparison
between Gar and Oma
bad effect on observable night
due to strong wind speed
at Gar
Comparison of
Wind Speed Histogram
among Gar, Oma, and Subaru
052_Gar_ClearSkyRatio.jpg 053_GarOma_WindSpeedComparison.jpg 054_Gar_StrongWind_badEffect.jpg 055_GarOmaSubaru_WSHistogram.jpg
Wind Speed trend
during Nov/2011 to Dec/2012
Cloud cover,
simulated using WRF
(Weather Research and Forcast)
Wind Speed,
simulated using WRF
Geographical map around Gar
with 1km Resol,
used at future WRF simulation
061_0WindSpeed_2011Nov_2012Dec_Sky_2.jpg 07_WRF_CloudCover.jpg 072_WRF_WindSpeed.jpg 073_WRF_1kmResol.jpg

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