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  • Main GUI
    CloudMon and DS9 CloudMon Main GUI

    CloudMon control software consists of two main program: CloudMon control window and DS9 dsplay monitor (IRAF-based). Usually both programs are run simultaneously. If DS9 display is not necessary, one can select NO display on DS9 on the CloudMon window.

    After connect Firewire cable and power cable, it takes about 40 sec to stabilize the A40M camera to be controlled externally via Firewire. Then to start CloudMon, just click CloudMon icon on main windows. CloudMon runs and takes frame at frame rate of 7.5 Hz (as default).

    Set up DS9
    If DS9 does not run, stop to take frames by clicking STOP buttom on CloudMon window. Then click SetupS9 button to show subwindow to control DS9. To start DS9, click Start DS9, then set tiles on DS9 display by setting Tile1 and Tile2, following clicking the buttom Set DS9 Tile. On DS9 display, tiles are created in a few seconds. Close DS9 Setup dialog window.

    Then restart to take frames by clicking re-Start buttom.

    Time Variables
    An A40M image frame is obtained, triggered by interruption timer of 200msec, to be displayed on the upper-left panel on CloudMon GUI. Depneding on Interval(sec), a frame every Interval(sec) is stacked and a stacked frame is displayed on upper-middle panel on CloudMon GUI.
    To change frame taking cycles, set StackFrame#, Interval(sec), and CycleTime(sec). FrameRate(Hz) is set by Setting butom on control panel at upper left. TimeSpan(sec) is automatically calculated with StackFrame# and Interval(sec) time. When Interval (sec) = 0, no interval between frames are set, i.e., continuous taking of the frames to be statcked. If Insterval (sec) = N sec, one frame is taken every N sec.

    Select Directory
    FileDirectory for frames to be saved is selected by clicking D buttom. File directory selection window then appears and set any directory you like ( usually E: drive on external USB disk). Then close File directory selection window.
    File Base Name can be changed anytime and the value is stored in windows' registry as shown belows. Changes of file base name is effective for next file store.

    Camera info shows A40M information in subwindow. Connect and Disconnect is to connect and disconnect to A40M camera immediatly even if taking images.
    ShowFitsHeader shows frame's FITS header in subwindow. When you don not need show the farme in DS9 display, select Show each frame on DS9 to disappear its click mark.
    Show previous Frame continuously means the previous frame is shown on the upper-right display continuously. If you do not need the display, disappear its click mark on the Show previous Frame continuously panel.

    X and Y columns are to select pixel position to be showed of its value in Int panel.

    Date/Time(Local) shows local date/time according to setting on Windows. If you like to change time base, please change windows time.

  • Source directory structure of CloudMon software on control PC.
    				          CloudMon.exe <--- executable
    		     CamCtrl.ocx       <--- Camera control driver 
    		     CamCtrl.tlb       <--- the same above
    		     cfitsio.dll       <--- cfitsio library
    		     cfitsio.lib       <--- the same above
    		     yyyymmdd           <--- created by CloudMon automatically
    		     FitsHeader.txt     <--- this files must be on the same level of yyyymmdd 

    Also set windows Registry of HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CloudMon/NAOJ as
            CycleTime      = 60    <--- Cycel time of stacking-save-waiting in seconds
            IntervalTimer  = 0     <--- wating interval of adjacent stacking 
    	StackFrame     = 10    <--- number of stacked frames
    	AtHome  = [home | office]
    	    <--- IMPORTANT: When AtHome == office, real Camera is controlled. 
                                When AtHome = home, no camera control assumed (Simulation mode).
    	DS9_Tile1      = 3  <--- tile number along X for DS9 display
    	DS9_Tile       = 4  <--- tile number along Y for DS9 display
            DS9Directory   = C:\Appli\FitsViewer\ds9\
    	FileBaseName   = CM1_Oma | CM2_Karasu | CM3_OmaN  
    	                    <--- select combination of CM1,CM2, CM3 and Oma, Karasu, and OmaN
    	FileName_3     = C:\0WORK\BarredGalaxies\m51.fits
    	                    <--- previously saved filename
    	FrameDirectory = C:\0WORK\TibetSiteSurvey\0FLIRA40M_IRCamera\A40M_Images
    	                    <--- directory where frames are stored in FITS formatted files

    See belows of Registry setting
    WindowsXP Registry
    Frame Control
    Exposure Control

    If CloudMon cannot be exited in debugging mode, use Windows' task manager to kill CloudMon program. Then set registory on appropriate value of ExposureControl/IntervalTimer using registry editor.

  • Necessary files
    1. FitsHeader file : A40M_Images/FitsHeader.txt
      1. Template Fits Header is read from FitsHeader.txt, assumed this file is in parent directory of FrameDirectory, that is,

        In FitsHeader.txt, SITELAT and SITELONG must be set manually by operator, depending on the site where CloudMon sets as
        • Oma 32:32:39.8 N, 83:03:22.0 E and 5032m
        • Karasu 38:10:29.3 N, 74:48:08.7 E and 4495 m
        • OmaNorth 32:59:10.30 N, 83:08:01.89 E and 4821m
        TELESCOP keyword should changed depending on which CloudMon used ( CloudMon#1, CloudMon#2, or CloudMon#3).

        Keywords, OBJCTRA, OBJCTDEC, and EQUINOX, should be calculated automatically by CloudMon, but its function has NOT been installed yet (Sorry for inconvinience).

      2. FITS Header keywords to define the direction on the sky may be set to show correct N, S, E, W as
          CD1_1 = -1.00000000 / Pixel Coordinate translation matrix
          CD2_1 = 0.00000000 / Pixel Coordinate translation matrix
          CD1_2 = 0.00000000 / Pixel Coordinate translation matrix
          CD2_2 = -1.00000000 / Pixel Coordinate translation matrix
                Y                           N  
                ^                           ^  
                |                           |
           E <--+--> X      <==>       E <--+--> X
                |                           |  
                v                           v  
                N                           Y  
                                      (CloudMon display)
          (original display on DS9) (flipped display on DS9)  

      Copyright of CloudMon is reserved by T. Sasaki, 2007.

  • Make Animation
    Make Animation GUI
    Using CloudMon FITS frames, one can make animation with MakeAnimation program. Run the MakeAnimation by clicking icon on Window main monitor.

    Mask images are necessary when mask operation is applied to mask falt parts of the image around the border. Black or white masks are used with files in MaskFrame directory,
    Conversion of file formats are available on; Operations to make animation are avilable ;
    On Converted images, NSEW marks, frames' data and time, some comments which are put in Comment panel, Frame title in FITS file, Filename, some Copyright are selectively shown.

    Resize is also available by setting pixel width and click mark on Resize.

    MakeAnimation program uses image processing program of ImageMagick and GIF animation program of GAD which paths are set on MakeAnimation window.

  • Trouble shoot
    If some problems occurs, please check as belows.
    Check Registry using registry editor
    File structure Appropriate files are set in assumed directory?
    Camera connection is good?
    Initial time 40 sec elapsed after A40M camera power on?
    Disk space is enough ?
    ask by e-mail.

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