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Subaru Telescope Software and Science Operation Team
Chile Visit 2003

Subaru Software Team (Dr. T. Sasaki, Dr. G. Kosugi, Mr. M. Weber, and Dr. J. Noumaru) visited Observatories in Chile during 25 Feb., 2003 to 7 March, 2003 as part of their survey activities on software of major astronomical facilities.
The Team is interested in learning about organization structure for operations, software development, maintenance, service observation, scheduling tools, etc.
It would be very useful if they could view telescope and instrument control GUIs of VLT, VLTI and other telescopes, and view the computer system at the observatories.
It would also be useful to know how the observatory is operated and staffed. For instance, job title and tasks of operation staff; work schedules and special pay or fringe benefits for night or altitude work, etc.
The Subaru Software Team's schedule is as follows:


	Feb 20, 2003  Depart from Hilo
	Feb 21, 2003  (in Plane)
	Feb 22, 2003  Arrive at Santiago
	Feb 23, 2003  Stay in Santiago
	Feb 24, 2003  ESO Santiago Office
	Feb 25, 2003  Santiago to La Serena to La Silla ; 3.6m (+ NTT)
	Feb 26, 2003  La Silla Observaotry              ; 3.6m
	Feb 27, 2003  La Silla to La Serena then to CTIO; SOAR + Blanco 4m
	Feb 28, 2003  Cerro Pachon to La Serena   @    ; Gemini
	Mar  1, 2003  Stay at La Serena town
	Mar  2, 2003  Stay at La Serena town
	Mar  3, 2003  La Serena to Antofagasta 
	Mar  4, 2003  Antofagasta to Paranal            ; VLT
	Mar  5, 2003  Paranal to Santiago		; VLT
	Mar  6, 2003  Depart from Santiago
	Mar  7, 2003  Arrive at Hilo

Visit Schedule (Excel file: 27.6KB)

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